Quick update + studded dreams: Zara edition

I didn't get the A-Level results I needed to go to Queen Mary to study English Language & Linguistics, nor will I be heading to Southampton, because I have no working brain cells. FFS. I was so upset about it initially, and I ended up panicking and phoning up 100+ universities to try to get a spot somewhere through the confusing Clearing process, but I'm over it now. I'm just going to take a year out – or perhaps longer, who knows – try to get myself some sort of fashion industry work experience and hopefully I'll figure it out. Fingers crossed.  

In more interesting news, I bought this babely studded leather jacket from Zara! Very invested in this one; so much so that I ordered it on my phone in Spain, miraculously through a GPRS roaming signal. It was so slow and it cost so much in data roaming charges – but what better way to say you don't care about failing your A-Levels than buying a leather jacket covered in gold studs??!! 


  1. Hello, really cool update post, I enjoyed reading it! I love this cool studded leather jacket:D Thx for the nice comment and following back, keep in touch,
    xx chris

  2. OMG! this jackets is amazing!! Its sooooo soo pretty! I've already seen it and it is gorgeous!! Good buy!!! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog! Hope you like it and want to follow me :)

    Ps. Have a lovely sunday!!!

  3. Aw it looks great, can't wait to see it on you! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest outfit :)


  4. Hi, I really love your blog, just started following! The Zara jacket is lovely, I'm thinking of buying a similar one, do you think that its worth spending the money on real leather? Also, hope you're not feeling too bad about A level results, AS or A2? I got my A2s on Thursday as well eep!

    If you like to travel then please check out my blog - I'm new to this blogging thing! www.hollyscrivener.blogspot.co.uk

    Thanks! xx

    1. Holly,

      It's definitely worth spending the money on real leather! It looks and feels much nicer, it's warmer and it lasts much longer. The thing about leather is that it's a classic so it's worth investing in! Yeah, mine we A2s as well. Hope you did better than me! I will definitely check out your blog bb!

      G xo

  5. OMG the jacket is a dream! i love it, really amazing. i'm now following ur blog :)


  6. Love your jacket!!!!!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment, this is amazing, definitly following!
    Material Fixations

  8. Love that biker jacket!!

    xoxo lorena


  9. Looks cool! I need a new leather jacket.

    / Avy

  10. Thank you for the comment! I adore your style! Amazing jacket! I'll follow you :)

  11. This jacket is amazing! Zara never disappoints :)



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