JW Anderson, je t'aime

I just got back to Yorkshire after some family time down south. It's nice to be back in the hills, I'm not gonna lie. It's strange, I always thought I could see myself living in London, being into fashion, but I think living in the beautiful dale for so long has ruined me for life; I crave clean air and open spaces (this might just be because of my anxiety). Also, I don't think there's much better to do on a Sunday than go for a really long dog walk, followed by the pub, covered in mud. This isn't really A Thing in London (walking in a park does not count); London people prefer drinking extravagant coffees and going to overpriced organic food markets. I'm averse to neither of these things. I don't really have a point here, really, sorry – I just like clean air, OK?!

I thought I'd quickly share the couple of pieces I managed to pick up in my size from the frenzy that was the JW Anderson x Topshop launch. I really wanted the pinafore dress but I wasn't there early enough to grab one in a 6. I wasn't too gutted as, upon closer inspection, I concluded that it would have drowned me anyway because I am only small. I got one of the striped dresses, which I've had my eye on since the collection preview came out, as well as a zebra print phone case and a black v-neck 'school jumper' with a delightfully large JW monogram on it. I'm not normally into ostentatiousness when it comes to branding, but I've made an exception in this case because the contrasting white emblem lends a nice nautical feel.

While we're talking maritime vibes, the delightful striped dress makes me happy. 

My only qualm is the shape — or, rather, the lack thereof — and this is largely down the fact that I have a tiny waist and I am used to showing it off. Team that with a weight complex and you'll understand why shapeless dresses aren't really my scene. So I belted it and everything looked 1000x better.
Sans belt, I instinctively tried to create some form of waist definition with my hands. This made for endless awkward poses, like the one above, until I succumbed to a bit of red elastic.

And here's the jumper, which I've been wearing today with a white skirt from H&M to give it some 'trans-seasonal mileage', as Vogue likes to call it. 

I don't have any energy because I was up at 5 this morning, but hopefully using my 'energising' shower gel will revitalise me; if all else fails I'll be chasing Pro Plus with gin and tonic tonight. I will write about my LFW adventures soon. I also start my first ever grown-up job so soon... buzzing/terrified. xx
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