In my dreams I wear Christopher Kane

OMG SS12. I don’t want to sound like a dumb girl by being overly excited about a show but, oh my, it blew me away. I read somewhere that people became all emotional and were crying (happy) tears at the end of the show. That’s how good it was.
Mr Kane is, quite simply, a genius. His shows never fail to render me speechless because the looks presented in them are pretty much perfect. Yet not completely perfect: although Kane does seem to have this knack for taking typically ugly things and making them desirable, sometimes he just can’t make the bad-looking good-looking. So where did the loveable Scot trip up this time? Well, it was the shoes. Ah, the shoes… the rubber-soled pool shoes… I want to warm to them, but I just can’t. Perhaps, as was the case with brothel creepers, I’ll ‘get’ them eventually. But I’m failing to see anything appealing about these new season shoes apart from the fact that they’re comfortable. Unfortunately there is only a small space in my life for comfortable shoes and it has been filled by ballet pumps and velvet slippers — I won’t be lusting after a Chris Kane pool shoe any time soon.

Apart from that slight sartorial slip-up, the collection was as dazzling as you would expect. There was a 60s feel in the air that could be witnessed in the cuts, the hemlines, the floral prints and the sort of futurism that Courrèges channelled. The show’s opener was a simplistic yet stunning metallic outfit which proved that, sometimes, less really is more.

A series of delicate-and-ever-so-pretty organza (70% aluminium organza if we’re being meticulous) dresses with floral appliqués stood out, as did some embellished numbers which would be perfect for those of us who party in style at the most exclusive clubs. For various reasons I am more of a Friday-night-at-the-local kind of gal, searching for something more casual, so the floral print denim pieces looked f9 to me. They offered us a glimpse of the exciting work that Kaney has been doing with J Brand recently. And if you’re into the preppy look (lol), perhaps the cricket jumper would take your fancy. There really is something for everyone in this collection, to be honest AND I forbid anyone to disregard its excellence just because of some ugly shoes (but Stella showed some as well, so maybe they’ll catch on and I’ll be eating my words come July).
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