Quick update + studded dreams: Zara edition

I didn't get the A-Level results I needed to go to Queen Mary to study English Language & Linguistics, nor will I be heading to Southampton, because I have no working brain cells. FFS. I was so upset about it initially, and I ended up panicking and phoning up 100+ universities to try to get a spot somewhere through the confusing Clearing process, but I'm over it now. I'm just going to take a year out – or perhaps longer, who knows – try to get myself some sort of fashion industry work experience and hopefully I'll figure it out. Fingers crossed.  

In more interesting news, I bought this babely studded leather jacket from Zara! Very invested in this one; so much so that I ordered it on my phone in Spain, miraculously through a GPRS roaming signal. It was so slow and it cost so much in data roaming charges – but what better way to say you don't care about failing your A-Levels than buying a leather jacket covered in gold studs??!! 

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