Today I looked at the American Apparel website just on the off chance that the Riding Pants had been reduced. They hadn't, natch, but it wasn't a totally fruitless visit because I came across a new feature on the website that allows you to browse AA's entire advertising archive. You can view it here: http://www.americanapparel.net/advertising/

The brand (allegedly) doesn't airbrush its photos and, although all the ladies American Apparel use as models are gorgeous, they rarely have that stereotypical, perfectly toned body/perfectly symmetrical face that we're acclimatised to see in fashion advertising. Up to a point I think AA has become a parody of itself, and I do wonder what sort of people, in this grossly over-sexualised age, actually find their imagery shocking any more. However, I do like their advertising, in all its gritty porniness, and even though a lot of people don't share my views it cannot be denied that their marketing strategy works; whatever your gender or sexuality, when you see a close-up of someone's crotch spread over the back page of Vice, you're going to do a double-take. Long live AA and their raunchiness - it makes me feel so much better for not giving a hoot about toning my stomach or removing every bit of hair on my body.


  1. This archive is really cool, thnx for sharing, its pretty weird seeing all the 90s stuff on there too and watch how it changes over time. I love aa ads, i think as you say it's only really daily mail readers who have a problem with this sort of "provocative" stuff, we probably see worse from people like rihanna and miley who are cited as "teen icons", not ver good role models imo!! So happy you've started writing again xx Hol xx

  2. great inspiration!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  3. Love the pics!


  4. Hi dear!! I really enjoy your blog, its SO COOL!!
    Your style is so perfect :)
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    1. Love your style Sanda - so sassy - your hair also looks brilliantly luxurious and I envy it v much X

  5. Their 'normal' models are always super babes with naturally nice figures anyway ha! It seems they're all about the controversy. Although I have a few things from them, I think they offer the worst customer service on the high street which is why I rarely shop there!

    Tara x

    1. I agree! All mega babes. Oh really? I never knew that; I tend to only buy their things via ASOS with discount codes because I can't really afford their overpriced basics! I've been in their stores to buy Riding Pants and underwear (basically the only things I'll buy from AA) up on a couple of occasions and the staff are normally lovely. Will keep your point in mind, though, if I ever end up ordering from the online store. X


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