Essentials (tops edition)

And so fashion month comes around again. When I've not been too busy at work or doing life admin, I've been catching up on the latest action from the catwalks. I watched Christopher Kane's show on live stream a few days ago; at present my feelings on it are unclear, but I find that Kane's shows often take a while for me to digest - no doubt when I have a spare minute I will write about his new collection on Bonjour Grace. It's funny, I always diligently read the show reports on et al and I am always well-versed in the latest trends from Planet Fashion, but to be honest I've never been interested in following 'the fashions', as my mother calls them. I'm always interested in seeing how chain stores interpret catwalk trends and dilute them into mass market-friendly product, but I am inherently stubborn — I know what I like and I stick to it — so I tend to dress myself within the parameters of my own fashion rule book, not take heed to whatever is ambled down the Prada runway. 

I'd like to share my wardrobe essentials with you. I thought I'd start with tops. 

Polo neck jumper from Topshop

Marinière from Zara

Polo neck sleeveless shell top from Topshop

I'd say I have about 70-80 tops in my wardrobe. Selecting my three favourites was easier than you might think because only around 30% of my tops have been worn more than once. Though my style is quite classic & simplistic (I don't have much time for loud prints or anything that's not black, white or grey), I have so many trend-led pieces in my wardrobe that are bought impulsively and worn once on a night out before being shunned, unwashed and lightly wine-stained, to the back of my wardrobe. Last week I was shopping in Sunderland (do not recommend) and came across a bright red vinyl skirt - rather like Dionne's in Clueless - for 40 smackers. Totally garish, totally wrong for my 60s Parisienne vibe, but of course I tried it on, reasoning with myself that it would look good with a big black fluffy jumper, which how I tend to wear my black leather mini, but eventually I found the goodness within and left the shop empty-handed. I'm learning.


  1. I love that striped top! I've been looking for one just like it:)

    Megan @

  2. What great picks. You can never go wrong with stripes :)
    xo TJ

  3. i love your polo neck jumper and I'm dying to have one

    mind to follow each other?

  4. Anonymous12:35 am

    Love the breton top and your gritty photography, you have a great eye for style <3


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